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The Journey: Can classical concerts engage modern audiences? November 19, 2010

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Having played the cello for over a decade and played in countless concerts I have to admit that I rarely attend concerts. If I don’t go to concerts who does?

I asked a number of people what they thought about classical concerts. Click the links below to read their comments about what they love and/or hate about concerts as well as their idea of a perfect concert:

I developed my view about what makes a good classical concert after listening to other people’s responses and attending events. Click the links below to read the articles:

You can read my final argument here which emphasises the need for concerts to diversify.



What do you think of classical concerts? September 26, 2010

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Wordle: What do you think of classical concerts?
I asked friends and family what they thought about classical concerts, using these questions as prompts:

* What comes to mind when you think of a classical concert?
* Do people like yourself go to classical concerts?
* If you have been to a classical concert, what was the experience like?
* If you could change anything about classical concerts, what would you change?

You can read their feedback in the comments of this post or look at the wordle that all their thoughts created. Please do add your own thoughts too!