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Future Career plans… August 3, 2010

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Meeting professionals in a variety of fields in the music industry has made me question where I would like my own career to take me.

The most enjoyable part of my current job is organising the family concerts and events. As well as the organisational side, I like the interaction with the children as well as demystifying music and making it fun.

Consequently, I am considering whether to move out from my administrative role down the animateur/workshop or music teacher route. In an ideal world, I would like to use animateur techniques in a more stable position within a school or organisation. I have started researching career options and found musicleaders website very helpful as well as a document published in 2004 called Teaching Music, which sets out all the career options.

I spoke to my Arts Advisor, Philippa who suggested the following plan of action:



Shadowing a creative music-making day in a primary school August 1, 2010

On Tuesday 13 July I observed a day in the life of a music teacher at a primary school in Oxford.


I was impressed to see how music was used as a crowd control. As soon as the CD was turned on it gained the pupils’ attention and they listened (fairly) quietly and it kept them occupied as the rest of the school filed in. The assembly was based on a dance that year 3 had created after looking at the The Arnolfini Portrait. Again, I was impressed how respectfully the other pupils watched.

Choir rehearsal

The auditioned choir had a second rehearsal of a pupil’s composition, which will be sung at a performance at the end of term. With the support of another teacher leading the sopranos, the teacher taught the tunes by played the melody on the piano and the pupils singing it back. Certain difficult passages were isolated and an octave interval was demonstrated by singing ‘Somewhere over the rainbow.’