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The Journey: Exploring Music Education November 18, 2010

I particularly enjoyed developing the FUNomusica Family Concerts as part of my job working for a professional orchestra.  This prompted me to want to learn more about the role of music education within the music industry whether it is in schools, orchestras or part of outreach projects. I wanted to discover what opportunities there were to enter into this field, looking at the role of the music teacher, animateur and administrator.

I volunteered on a number music outreach projects as well as shadowing music practioneers which came to a total of 9 days work experience:



Interview with an animateur, Sam Glazer August 4, 2010

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I met up with Sam Glazer after a schools project to hear about his career and his opinion on tuning the concert.

After an English degree he went into marketing and PR. However, after a musician training project with the ASMF in Colchester he decided to undertake a career change to become a musician and animateur. He held an apprenticeship at Spitalfields Music and trained on the job working for institutions such as Wigmore Hall and Glynbourne. He says he is very happy with this decision to change career as he has gained confidence in the process as well as it being a journey of discovery.

Sam explained that what he does is not teaching nor is it his aim is to bring classical music to people but rather to ‘make music with people’. Regardless of technical ability and personality, music can be a meeting point as it is such a collaborative art form.

It was suggested that classical music should look outside itself and be open to influence from folk and art. This was the case in the past for composers such as Dvorak and Liszt but today classical music has become very fixed, as we play the same repertoire. Sam explained that you cannot have a dialogue on one person’s terms but it is necessary to talk to others. This is the case with classical music.



Schools Concerts: Spitalfields Music Festival June 30, 2010

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I went to two schools concerts as part of Spitalfields Music Festival running from 11-26 June 2010. They couldn’t have benn more contrasting in content, presenters and musicians but there were some key aspects common to both in the way they presented the music to children.

The first concert on Fri 18 June 2010 10.30am at Shoreditch Church was presented by Sam Glazer with students from the Royal Academy of Music where we were transported into the unique sound world of the inspirational composer Iannis Xenakis.

The second concert on Wed 23 June 2010 10.30am at Christ Church Spitalfields with The Sixteen and presenter Hannah Conway was specially-designed to introduce the music of Monteverdi’s music to all ages and attention spans.