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Music 55-7 makes music happen… July 9, 2010

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Kevin Murphy is the Artistic Director of this organisation and their website states how they intend to do things differently.

Our agenda. We want to:
  • Loosen the classical music concert format so as to reconnect performers, composers and audiences.
  • Explore the connections between classical music, other music, other art forms and digital technologies.
  • Stimulate greater music engagement among young people.
  • Help service and grow the community of music lovers and musicians in the City of Derry and the North West of Ireland.
  • Work with other agencies to promote the Derry as a city of culture and as a place not only to live but to enjoy living.
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The whole industry needs shaking up: Interview with Kevin Murphy

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I met Kevin Murphy whose paper ‘Classical Programming – what’s the message and who’s listening’ was submitted for his Clore Leadership research. He concludes with the question of How to transform the conventional classical concert experience to make it more engaging for a wider audience which has consequently inspired my Gold Arts Award project.

Some of my favourite nuggets of advice from the interview include:

It’s not the music but the notion of coming to a concert that’s the problem

Not enough evidence is presented that people are coming to these things [alternative music events]

Allow the music to speak freely | Let the music speak for itself

Stop calling it classical music

If the musicians are not switched on, how can you expect the audience to be?