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Storytelling at the National Gallery: Magic Carpet Sundays August 3, 2010

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On Sunday 1 August I went and observed one of the story telling sessions at the National Gallery.

The event was targeted for 2-5 year olds. The families met in the Education Centre and then went to search for the magic carpet in the Gallery, through which the storyteller built up the anticipation.

After unrolling the carpet together, they started by looking at the painting of Renoir’s Umbrellas to see what they could see. The children came up with things such as the basket, the hula hoop, the umbrella and the tree. They then started to think about how they were connected and the setting the scene. The story-teller asked questions such as was it raining, what was the lady going to put in her basket and how was the girl going to play with her hula hoop? The storyteller let the children lead the ideas with a bit of guidance.



BBC Proms OUT + ABOUT at Westfield Shopping Centre July 9, 2010

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I went along to an orchestral performance taken out of the concert hall and put in a shopping centre on Friday 6 July. While some shoppers were making the most of the Westfield’s long opening hours, the rest were drawn to the sound of a full symphony orchestra playing in the atrium of the shopping centre.

The event was a great opportunity to introduce people to the power of a live orchestra (BBC SO) as well as raise awareness of the Proms Season. It defied concert convention by being informal, interactive, social, an unplanned/spontaneous experience for some and with a mixed demographic audience.

Location – The shopping centre was great, as many people went through its doors, it’s a non-cultural institution, it’s like modern cathedral, it has a large area for seating and the orchestra and the balconies gave a 360 view of stage. However, it was a bit noisy (though the orchestra was even louder) and it was poorly signposted for such a large venue.



Schools Concerts: Spitalfields Music Festival June 30, 2010

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I went to two schools concerts as part of Spitalfields Music Festival running from 11-26 June 2010. They couldn’t have benn more contrasting in content, presenters and musicians but there were some key aspects common to both in the way they presented the music to children.

The first concert on Fri 18 June 2010 10.30am at Shoreditch Church was presented by Sam Glazer with students from the Royal Academy of Music where we were transported into the unique sound world of the inspirational composer Iannis Xenakis.

The second concert on Wed 23 June 2010 10.30am at Christ Church Spitalfields with The Sixteen and presenter Hannah Conway was specially-designed to introduce the music of Monteverdi’s music to all ages and attention spans.