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The Journey: Exploring Music Education November 18, 2010

I particularly enjoyed developing the FUNomusica Family Concerts as part of my job working for a professional orchestra.  This prompted me to want to learn more about the role of music education within the music industry whether it is in schools, orchestras or part of outreach projects. I wanted to discover what opportunities there were to enter into this field, looking at the role of the music teacher, animateur and administrator.

I volunteered on a number music outreach projects as well as shadowing music practioneers which came to a total of 9 days work experience:



ZingZillas – Cbeebies music programme July 6, 2010

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This is an example of music education today on TV. It’s colourful, fun (though a little repetitive for adult viewers) and explores all kinds of music.

It’s a great way to introduce kids to classical music undiluted in small chunks and then incorporate it into a style that they can relate to. It familiarizes children with classical music within a fun environment, hopefully creating a very different image of classical music for the next generation.

The programme was created by CBeebies and Linda Bance, music educational advisor to ZingZillas. The educational aspect is apparent in the show, but the children learn through exploration rather than it being rammed down their throats.

The programme also has a website with an amazing array of musical games with catchy tunes. Excellent tools to learn about music from beating in time, listening to see if two notes harmonise, mixing different music together and exploring sound through painting.