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The Journey: Can classical concerts engage modern audiences? November 19, 2010

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Having played the cello for over a decade and played in countless concerts I have to admit that I rarely attend concerts. If I don’t go to concerts who does?

I asked a number of people what they thought about classical concerts. Click the links below to read their comments about what they love and/or hate about concerts as well as their idea of a perfect concert:

I developed my view about what makes a good classical concert after listening to other people’s responses and attending events. Click the links below to read the articles:

You can read my final argument here which emphasises the need for concerts to diversify.



The Journey so far: form and communicate a view July 6, 2010

I’ve been mainly researching the current state of the music scene in London. See research from Unit 1C.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many alternative and innovative events are being organised in and around London. It has been hard trying to fit them all into my diary, as especially the family concerts seem to be on the same date. Being in London also has increased the number of free events that I can attend.

I personally was not aware of some of these new innovative events before I started searching. Some of the schemes are relatively new while others have been running for years. However, if you were not looking to attend a classical concert you would probably not hear about these events, as they do seem to appeal to a specialist audience (though a more youthful one).

While people are re-assessing the way classical music is presented it will take a lot longer for the negative perceptions of classical music to change. It will never be the norm to go to a concert on a Friday evening, but perhaps the challenge is to make the concert something every Tom, Dick and Harry would consider attending once in a while.