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Gold Arts Award Completed March 27, 2011

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I am pleased to announce that I have passed my Gold Arts Award.

Completing the journey over the last 9 months has taken me on a life changing journey. Not only have a discovered new interests but it helped give me the impetuous to go through a career change.

The award gave me the freedom to explore my own areas of interest but within a focused framework. It encouraged me to develop my ideas and conduct extensive research.  I have enjoyed having the excuse to be able to talk to lots of interesting people as well as attending some amazing events all in the name of research. Without the award I would never have signed up to a storytelling course in a small town 1hr 30mins away, put pen to paper expressing my views or even opened a twitter account.

I have traded my role as an arts administrator for a teaching assistant. I’m loving working in a primary school and having a constant supply of guinea pigs to test out my ideas on. I look forward to training in September to become a primary school music teacher and hope that I will be able to bring all the things I learnt during my Gold Arts Award back into the classroom.

I would highly recommend the award to any young person regardless of age or abilities, as it is so flexible you can mould the qualification to suit your needs. Good luck to any others who are currently completing their awards.


One Response to “Gold Arts Award Completed”

  1. SWK Says:

    Congratulations! It was fascinating reading about your journey, and good luck in your career. I am sure you will be successful.

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