Tuning the Concert

Gold Arts Award Portfolio

The journey: Musician turned storyteller November 18, 2010

My artistic challenge was to develop new storytelling skills in the attempt to make my delivery of classical music more accessible.

Unless I know a piece of music very well and can anticipate what is going to happen next, I have a tendency to drift off when listening to music. I belive many new comers to classical music feel the same, as the music just washes over them. However, I find it easier to understand music when it has a narrative or is programmatic. For example, in Peter and the Wolf I like the way I can associate different tunes with different characters. If gives me something to focus on and keeps me engaged.

I wanted to build on this idea by using language to help guide what the listener should focus on. For this I realised I needed to improve my storytelling skills. I wanted gain to gain confidence in telling stories and learn any tricks of the trade. My final goal was to be able to incorporate storytelling with classical music.

I observed some professional storytellers as well as attending 8hrs of storytelling classes. I used these experiences to help develop my storytelling skills. Follow the links below to read details in full:

I recorded my new art form of storytelling/classical music which I shared via my myspace profile as well as on CDs to friends and family. I also performed the works to family and friends including my 3 year old nephew.  The way the collaboration was developed was documented on my blog.

I received the following feedback:

  • And your recording! It is BRILLIANT, Alice! You have to do more storytelling with your cello! Emma
  • I’ve just listened to your telling of ‘on the way home’ – well done, it’s beautifully told. Philippa

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