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The Journey: Exploring Music Education November 18, 2010

I particularly enjoyed developing the FUNomusica Family Concerts as part of my job working for a professional orchestra.  This prompted me to want to learn more about the role of music education within the music industry whether it is in schools, orchestras or part of outreach projects. I wanted to discover what opportunities there were to enter into this field, looking at the role of the music teacher, animateur and administrator.

I volunteered on a number music outreach projects as well as shadowing music practioneers which came to a total of 9 days work experience:

I received the following feedback:

Dear Alice
I just wanted to write to you to thank you for all your help with the learning work over the Proms season this year. It has been so valuable for us to have someone we can rely on, especially in high pressure environments, to deliver successful events for the adults and children that we work with. We particularly valued your work on Inspire Day where you helped the young composers achieve what they wanted to from the day, and your work both at rehearsals and as a backstage assistant for the Fitkin Project. This project was very difficult to plan and deliver and being able to rely on your musical knowledge and logistics skills meant that the whole project ran a lot more smoothly that it could have done!
I really hope that you will work with us again, and I look forward to letting you know about upcoming opportunities,
Thanks again,
Catherine Burgis
Learning Manager, BBC Proms and BBC Symphony Orchestra

Once again, thanks so much for your brilliant help over the past few weeks, its been great having you. Naomi

I researched the industry by interviewing a number of professionals as well as using online resources. I added a number of useful links to my blog page as well as noting links to interesting news articles on my twitter feed.

Follow the links to read the interviews in full:


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