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Experienced Animateur gives advice September 24, 2010

I interviewed Kate Comberti, an animatuer and freelance violinist, to hear about her career in music education and her perspective on ‘tuning the concert’.

Kate has worked as a freelance orchestral violinist for over fifteen years with numerous British orchestras and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in the early 90s. She studied at the Royal Academy of Music as an Honorary Scholar with the late Manoug Parikian.

Kate was introduced to educational side of music after attending a residential course for orchestral musicians. Though an experienced practitioner, she recently went back to college and graduated with an MMus in Creative Leadership from the Royal College of Music.

Kate’s ideal concert, would be something she could take her 7 year old son to. She is terrified that she could put him off classical music, so she is very selective and careful about what they attend.

She likes concerts are are:

  • short (or they only attend part of the concert)
  • combined with another art form (like opera)
  • take place in an unusual setting

She helpfully pointed me in the right direction regrading training. Kate highlighted that I needed to find a course that would suit my needs. She recommended going on a Kodaly course and I am also now curious about exploring the Delcroze Method. Another important factor she emphasised, was the need for reflection. It is crucial to have the time to let your thoughts develop as well as putting these ideas into practise.

Kate kindly lent me two books that have proved very interesting:
Teaching Music Musically by Keith Swanwich (1999)
The Psychology of teaching & learning in the Primary School by David Whitebread


One Response to “Experienced Animateur gives advice”

  1. Kate Says:

    I might highlight when you’re looking for a course that you find one that will develop your specific skills and interests , as there are so many courses out there, you need to know what you’re looking for.

    I met Andrea Creech recently who has written an extra ordinary book on music education in this country. I’ve got a copy if you want to have a look through some time.

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