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A musical retelling of ‘On the way Home’ August 26, 2010

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On the way home.MP3 by Alice Hyland.

This recording was taken while performing the story, ‘On the way home’ to my parents. While it is no means perfect, it is a starting point from which to expand.

It quotes a number of famous tunes:

  • Claire’s ‘sad music’ = Early French Song by Tchaikovsky
  • female friends = The Trout by Schubert
  • male friends = Kontretanz by Beethoven
  • wolf = wolf theme from Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev
  • crocodile = ‘never smile at a crocodile’ theme tune from Disney’s Peter Pan
  • Dragon = ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ from Opera by Wagner
  • Happy music = The Trout by Schubert

Feedback was very positive but things to consider include:

  • varying the pizzicato crash dependent on how high Claire fell from
  • incorporating a cackle from the witch
  • making sure I described the action, before playing the musical re-interpretation (rather than the other way round)
  • the friend’s name is Celia NOT Cecilia
  • Mum liked the long glissando falling from the dragon, so wondered if I could incorporate more of this to illustrate falling

One Response to “A musical retelling of ‘On the way Home’”

  1. Emma Says:

    And thanks for linking to your site. Mine is at http://www.emmadaianwright.com/band/ though it’s all very experimental and exploratory right now. I like the colour scheme and look of yours! And your recording! It is BRILLIANT, Alice! You have to do more storytelling with your cello! I will have a proper look at the rest of your posts at the weekend, but it looks really really fun, and your quest to save classical music is really engaging.

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