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My perfect concert as of Tuesday 3 August at 18.56 August 3, 2010

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Though impractical, far-fetched and fantastical, if I could have it my way this would be the type of concert I would want to attend. If you hear of anything similar taking place, do let me know!

  • Comfortable. Ideally it would be as comfortable as my bed, with a duvet to snuggle under as well as pillows to prop oneself up on. Practically, rather than mattresses on the floor perhaps a concert hall could install a gently inclining foam floor with various foam shapes and pillows for people to lay across/sit on. Something a bit like those indoor child play areas.
  • Length. Normally I can only really appreciate an hours worth of music. However, if I fall asleep in the first 15mins I may feel disappointed if the concert is not very long. Ideally, you could choose to stay for as long as you wanted over a 2 hour period (ideally with a pay for what you hear ticketing system). If there was a 3-5mins break between each piece, people would be free to have a quick chat to their neighbours, stretch their legs or decide to leave if they had had enough. Plus this flexibility would allow you to choose which pieces you wanted to hear, as often I’ll only want to hear one half of the programme.

  • To sleep or not to sleep. I think it should be permitted to allow me to sleep should I wish to. If it is acceptable to fall asleep during a massage, why not a concert? There is nothing more relaxing then drifting off to some music… However, I appreciate this is not very respectful to the musicians nor is getting the best value out of your concert ticket. Perhaps instead of sighted and unsighted seating areas, we could call areas at the front of the stage, awake/engaged seats and those at the back, sleeping seats where people can happily drift off.
  • Programming. I don’t want anything boring. But saying that anything can seem boring if presented by uninspired musicians.  At the moment, I’d quite like to see mixed-genres. I don’t want to listen to a whole concert of Baroque masterpieces or the same one composer all night. Mix it up like you would hear on i-shuffle, so the contrasts really make you listen again. Programmers always seem to want to connect the works in a concert, but why not celebrate putting the unrelated together (I’m sure the astute listener would be able to find some similarities anyway).
  • Cost/tickets. Obviously I wouldn’t want it to be too expensive, but if I knew I could rely on the concert being a good night out (and something also a friend would enjoy), I would be prepared to start parting with my cash. However, with my lifestyle it is hard to book tickets far in advance due to fear of plans changing, so it is nice to be spontaneous. It would be much more appealing if I knew there would be cheap last minute tickets that I could buy on the door.


These are my only requirements so far, but I’m sure I will in the future and as my mood changes, think of various elements to make that perfect concert!


One Response to “My perfect concert as of Tuesday 3 August at 18.56”

  1. philippa Says:

    that soiunds wonderful! would you have any visuals or stories as well?

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