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Future Career plans… August 3, 2010

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Meeting professionals in a variety of fields in the music industry has made me question where I would like my own career to take me.

The most enjoyable part of my current job is organising the family concerts and events. As well as the organisational side, I like the interaction with the children as well as demystifying music and making it fun.

Consequently, I am considering whether to move out from my administrative role down the animateur/workshop or music teacher route. In an ideal world, I would like to use animateur techniques in a more stable position within a school or organisation. I have started researching career options and found musicleaders website very helpful as well as a document published in 2004 called Teaching Music, which sets out all the career options.

I spoke to my Arts Advisor, Philippa who suggested the following plan of action:

1. Get some training as an animateur

2. Contact schools to observe classroom lessons

3. Contact schools to see if they take GTP students

  • teacher recruitment – ask if any local schools offer GTP
  • look for schools with specialism in music
  • try local authority
  • CPD – contact school achievement – primary division – CPD
  • pop into local schools

4. Look also at Advanced fast track programme

Other notes:

  • PPA cover – go into primary schools as an arts specialist
  • music coordinating in primary school
  • part/full-time
  • teacher training is good to have

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