Tuning the Concert

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Lessons Learnt from Musical pictures July 14, 2010

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I was struck by a number of components that I feel contributed to the workshop’s success:

  • The structure: It clearly matched and maximised the children’s mood from initial nervousness to final confidence. The were made comfortable within their surroundings during the warming-up exercises, were receptive to listening while still a little shy, but eager to play the instruments once excited toward the end.
  • Adaptive to the audience: It’s crucial to be able to tailor the workshop to individual audiences, as groups respond and act differently. Spontaneity is needed to adapt to these different situations while sometimes no amount of preparation can help prepare for what will come.
  • Involved everyone: It’s crucial to get the parents involved so that the children see that everyone in the room are all doing the same silly movements. If the experience is equally enjoyable for the adults, it is more likely that they will bring their children again. This also emphasises how music workshops can suit any age,as participants will take what they will from the experience.
  • Cross-arts: Linking music, movement and art helps make so much more meaning. Rather than just recognising an instrument or motif, physically putting an action to it reinforces the aural perception. Likewise, being able to put words to music and then physically act it out gave the music even more power.

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