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What would your ideal musical experience/concert be? July 9, 2010

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This is a really personal question and highlights the problem that you can’t programme something that everyone will like. However, out of interest I asked this question to Kevin Murphy at his interview on Wednesday 6 July.

He said that it would probably involve water as he likes the way sound resonates across water. He pictures it taking places at dusk in a beautiful location. Perhaps with music from two sides of the bank or even on a boat. The music would be contemporary so that it would be the first time anyone would have heard it.  A somehow there would be a form of participation so that the audience would go away with the vibrations still going through their bodies and with a smile on their face.

In short the elements of the concert would be:

water, dusk, contemporary, nature, landscape, participation

Kevin Murphy was very surprised on reflecting that in his ideal concert music wasn’t high up on his priorities. Instead the whole atmosphere around how you experience the music seemed to be crucial.


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