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Music 55-7 makes music happen… July 9, 2010

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Kevin Murphy is the Artistic Director of this organisation and their website states how they intend to do things differently.

Our agenda. We want to:
  • Loosen the classical music concert format so as to reconnect performers, composers and audiences.
  • Explore the connections between classical music, other music, other art forms and digital technologies.
  • Stimulate greater music engagement among young people.
  • Help service and grow the community of music lovers and musicians in the City of Derry and the North West of Ireland.
  • Work with other agencies to promote the Derry as a city of culture and as a place not only to live but to enjoy living.

However, he has found time has limited what he has been able to achieve though they have started to make some small changes. Ideally you would need three years to monitor the success of a project.

  • They encourage the musicians to speak about the music, with is turn has limited who they employ as musicians.
  • They offer an opportunity for the audience to meet musicians and ask them questions after the concert.
  • They try to take the concert experience out of the concert hall.
  • They commission new works.
  • They have produced installations in art galleries.

The audience has in general responded with a good vibe to these modifications and even the hard liners like it. intriguingly, Kevin argued that when marketing the concert you can stretch the hard liners the most as they have already bought into the organisation. As long as you give them something that they want, they are open-minded to hear new things or try new formats.

However, for whatever you do you will always need to a fight for an audience .


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