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The Journey so far: extend your own arts practice July 6, 2010

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I’ve chosen to explore storytelling because eventually I would like to develop a way of using stories to help children and adults alike listen to classical music.

While most traditional storytelling uses music to accompany the story, I would like the music to be more of the focus of the attention using the story to help guide the listener through the structure of the work. Possibly, something more along the lines of how Peter and the Wolf is narrated. As I am a cellist, I would probably start with by setting my cello repertoire to stories and later performing them. Though I did-level drama, I am not an experienced storyteller so would like to develop this skill.

I am currently researching events in London and looking for storytellers to shadow. As I am unfamiliar with this area in the arts, it is taking a while to get my bearings. (Something people unfamiliar with classical concerts must feel).

Good resources so far have been:

www.crickcrackclub.com = the UK’s premier performance storytelling promoter and programmer

www.storybee.org = site where you can listen to professional storytellers


One Response to “The Journey so far: extend your own arts practice”

  1. Michael Says:

    Given the success of Peter and the Wolf, it is surprising that there are not more examples of this genre. In fact, I did hear on the radio something that sounded like a version of the story but with a music by someone other than Benjamin Britten

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