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How else is it done? The Gig June 7, 2010

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I went to a gig on Saturday night at Hootananny Brixton. It was all last minute and we quickly ‘you tubed’ the bands beforehand and knowing it was free entry chanced our luck.

It was interesting the comparison between how music is presented at a gig versus a concert. I.e. the flashing lights, standing in a dark pit, being able to walk around and easily move/dance to the music, being able to come and go as you pleased, having a beer in one hand, having a variety of places to explore around the pub, being able to chat with friends outside while the bands changed sets…

It is worth considering whether classical concerts can learn anything from rock/pop/indie gigs.

  • Would it help that classical music was presented in context familiar to a wider population?
  • How does the envirnment impact the aural experience?
  • Can we offer the same flexiblity in concerts as found in gigs?

There are some concerts that already employ similar aspects as to found in a gig, though I need to do some more research into them.

e.g. the stage was lit up at the Night Shift with OAE

e.g. Henley Festival – selling the artisits rather than the music

e.g. The Limelight – IMG concerts at 101 jazz club – classical music in jazz setting

e.g. Rush hour concerts by Southbank Sinfonia – listen to a bit on your way home


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