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The Conventional Classical Concert: analysis May 20, 2010

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There are some notable conclusions that can be drawn from my experience of a conventional concert:

La Belle France, 29 April 2010


  • The price influenced my attendance
  • The timing was convenient
  • I understood the programming and recognised something about it


  • Previous musical experiences and knowledge helped me anticipate the event
  • My preference of the composers has been reaffirmed by others in my peer group
  • The soloist is a draw. We want to be able to made informed choices with internet footage being vital.
  • Having appeared on TV it places the soloist in the sphere of normality
  • I like novelty

Pre-concert experience

  • What you experience just before the concert effects how you remember the event as a whole
  • Familiarity with the environment builds confidence and ease of use of space
  • Lack of audience was noticeable and impacted my perception of the performance
  • A variety of people buy the cheaper seats – probably for different reasons
  • Smiling musicians help the audience enjoy themselves – shows this is an enjoyable event

The concert – 1st half

  • I notice movement rather than music
  • I found myself not commenting about the music but how it made me feel
  • It’s good to feel a connection with the rest of the audience – concert=communal experience
  • Other noise is distracting and I am ingrained with belief that this is bad
  • Visual aspect is very important as well as the behaviour of the musicians
  • It means more if you can relate the music to something you have heard before
  • I also observed the audiences behaviour
  • Focus can easily be lost towards the end and beginning of movements


  • People are curious about musical instruments
  • It’s special to be able to interact with the musicians
  • Concerts are an opportunity for audiences join together and become friendly

The concert – 2nd half

  • A lack of concentration is detrimental to the quality of the experience
  • If one has played a passage or engaged somehow in the music beforehand, it means so much more on hearing it
  • We like to see were sound come from

After thoughts

  • I can’t hum the music but can visualise the setting i.e. the music is in the moment but we remember the experience as a whole

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